I quit feeling guilty

Feeling guilty is an absolutely useless and unproductive emotion. It does nothing to change the past, totally ruins your present and will most likely not help you act differently in the future either. No matter how much we hope that the longer we torture ourselves with this feeling, the better we will be in the future. That’s bullshit!

I had a long talk with my friend today about how I acted with my kids recently, how irritated I got early in the morning when I was not fully awake, yet they were already  sucking my blood and energy with full force. I told her I was not proud of how I behaved, but also, I was not giving into this guilty feeling that was slowing creeping up on me whenever I was think about the past. Because I am a human being with my own limitations, my own weaknesses, and no matter how much I’m trying to be holy and immaculate and this mature adult persona, I still have my Achilles heel, and that’s too much noise too early in the morning. So I have two roads in front of me:

1) I can either sit here, feel like a shitty miserable human being and beat myself up over what I did, but that’s not gonna change anything in the past at all. I won’t be able to go back and redo it. And even if I would be able to go back, feeling how I felt at the moment, thinking the thoughts I had at the time, I realize I had absolutely no choice BUT to act the way I did. I was believing my thoughts. I believed that humans shouldn’t be able to utter a word before 9 am and I believed I was tired, sick and exhausted. I believed I was irritated. So based on what I believed, the only way I could respond is barking at my kids to leave me alone until I prepare breakfast. That’s it. I can drive myself crazy with the “shoulda, woulda, coulda”s of life, but what good would that do, and how would that change anything???? It would just make me feel even more shitty about myself…and we all know how good, mature and responsible those humans act who feel horrible about themselves.


2) I can just accept that the past has happened the way it happened, and I have no control over it anymore. I can make amends, apologize to my kids, tell them that I prefer silence in the mornings and we can work out a plan how to coexist in the mornings so everyone is happy in the future. And I did it all. Plus on top of it all, I threw a HUGE amount of self love and forgiveness into the mix.

But how could you? You don’t deserve it?! You should feel ashamed longer. You messed up! What’s to love about that? About you? How can you possibly love a person who yells and isnangry in the mornings? How can you possibly love that part of you?”

Well, guess what?! That’s part of me, too. Just like the nice, the funny, the happy, the flexible, the creative me, so is the annoyed, cranky, irritated, loud, angry parts. They all create the whole and I LOVE every little bit of it. Especially the ones that don’t deserve love. Because those parts NEED it the most. And I accept them. I won’t fight against them. Because the more I fight and deny them, the stronger they get, and the more frequently they come back. So I accept them as they are, part of me, part of you and part of everyone. And I love that I get to experience how it feels to be angry, annoyed, cranky and irritated. That’s part of the human existence package I signed up for. No one said we should always be holy, quiet and balanced. So why should I put this unrealistic expectation on me?

I am human, and I love that. I have all kinds of emotions and I love that. I lose my temper and I love that (because that way I can relate to people who do as well). I realize when I fuck something up, and I love that (how mature I become). I apologize when I am aware of my fuckups, and I love that.(props to me) I love the whole process, because why not? Going against it and arguing with it will make me lose that battle (but only a 100% of the time, as Byron Katie so wisely said).

So that’s how I broke up my on again/off again relationship with my boyfriend, Guilt. It was an unproductive, not efficient, toxic relationship, and I am better off without him!

So long Jimmy… I mean, Guilt!


Quitting the “bad mom” monologue

Today I had a rough day with my kids.

Since I’m divorced, I get the girls half the time, and since my schedule is complicated, I get them for short periods sometimes (2 days) where I am a rock star mom, and for long stretches (5 days) where I lose my shit by the end of those days. I usually start out strong, calm and more peaceful than the Dalai Lama. I even manage to fool myself sometimes, tricking me into thinking that I have changed and nothing can ever phase me… I have found Nirvana inside of my soul and nothing can get me out of my zen zone. 🙂 Until day 5 hits and 1 extra day of no school messes with my neurotransmitters. That’s where I lose my marbles and can’t seem to find them for a couple hours.

It is not necessary the noise level that gets to me (although that certainly doesn’t help either), but the constant struggle with my inner monologue that’s driving me insane. The constant mommy guilt that eats me up alive on the inside. How I witness myself turning into my own mother whom I disliked so much for so long, and feeling powerless over this mutation, transformation that’s happening to me.

Today my older daughter (whose love language is gifts) has brought it to my attention that the reason why she doesn’t buy me anything for my birthday anymore, is because I have never worn the bracelet she picked out for me (2 yrs ago…random much?!). Whooossshhhh… the tsunami of  old memories of my mom never liking my gifts I gave her, and the mommy guilt of not being good enough, attentive enough to my child, repeating the same old cycles was overwhelming and I could barely keep my head above water. So to ease the pain of me being a shitty mom, I overcompensated by letting them eat dinner in bed and having a movie night even though it was a school night. Because I wanted to be a good mom. I was dead-set on showing them that I can be a good parent, just like their dad (in their eyes…not so much in mine…but I’ll quit this theory some other time..I still like to hold onto this feeling for a little longer).

So there I was on the couch with them, earning my own brownie points in my own score keeping game, compensating for not giving them enough quality time, love and affection, heartfelt talks, confessed my sins of being a shitty mom and did everything I could in my power in that hour to quiet that torturing device AKA the guilty voice inside of my head.

Then bath time came and I thought ” Finally, I’ll have 2 seconds to myself to enjoy the silence”. Was I wrong, or what?! The older one comes out screaming bloody murder, because the little one scratched her, and conveniently leaving out the part where she was annoying the hell out of her before the scratch defense mechanism got activated.

I lost my shit! The good mommy mask came off, and all hell let loose.

I got them out of the tub, made them sit down on the bed and started my speech!

“Listen to me for once and all! I am DONE feeling like the bad parent all the time. I quit for once and all! I am done thinking that I am less than your father, and believe this false idea that I am not as good of a parent as he is. Guess what?! I am just as good as he is. Yes, you get a lot of freedom at his place, you get to watch your iPads as much as you want, you get to eat chocolate often…. but guess what?! Who carried you 9 months inside of her body? Who gave birth to you? Who breastfed you? Who was left alone at home with sick kids while your dad was having fun snowboarding on the mountain for days? Who worried about you, researched google for both of your skin problems for days and nights? Who healed you from all kinds of sicknesses? Who cooks every day foods that are healthy for you, and so challenging to fit into this limited diet of yours? Who takes you to gymnastics every week? Who takes you to the playground? It’s all ME! I might be different than your dad, but I am not any less than him. If it is your story about me, then stick with it, and work through it when you are older and you are in therapy. Keep that story if that’s what you want to believe onto me. But just know, that that’s not reality. I give you a whole lot more than what you realize, and if you don’t see it,that’s your problem. But as of me, I GIVE UP the idea that I am a bad mom, for once and all. I am not willing to believe that I am ruining your lives, that I am any less than dad, or that I am not enough.”

Well….. how crazy am I to say all this to a 4yr old and a 7 year old kid?! :))))

But you know what? It was effective. They both broke down and apologized deeply for their behavior, for calling me names and for acting up. Deeply, truly, from their souls they were apologizing, and we kissed, and we hugged, and we cried it out….then we went to bed, and talked and talked and talked some more. And hugged some more. And we kissed. And all was well….

But I had to QUIT thinking that I was not good. That I was ruining their lives. That I am not enough. Because guess what?! I am enough. I have to be enough because I am the only mom they got. So it is what it is. And I sure am doing a damn good job even if that nonsense mental insane chatter that’s been happening inside of my head doesn’t agree with me all the time. It doesn’t have to. I quit giving a damn about that as well!